Modular AI

Design flexible and adaptable workflows

Create a wide range of workflows with different features and capabilities by connecting independent modules that can be combined and recombined to create new AI systems.


how it works

Build generative AI workflows

Flexible switching of LLMs across diverse applications, adapting to evolving business needs.

Define entry point

Set the entry point of your workflow. Choose from different pre-defined triggers such as chat, form or app events. Every workflow begines with a trigger, acting as the entry point for the workflow's execution path.

LLM Integration

Process your queries by invoking Large Language Models (LLM). Choose an appropriate LLM model, compose prompts, set context referenced in the prompts and configure memory settings and its window size.

Knowledge Base Retrieval

Utilize your company's knowledge base to enhance intelligent search and Q&A capabilities. Query text content related to user questions using your data, which can then be used as context for subsequent answers by the LLM.


Configure the response content format. This includes crafting a fixed block of text, utilizing output variables from preceding steps as the reply content, or merging custom text with variables for the response.



Choose from our templates

Get started using our pre-configured templates and customize based on your needs and requirements. Connect third-party apps and other data sources to simplify existing workflows.

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